Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2012 Leaders In The Law

The Wisconsin Law Journal has announced their 2012 Leaders in the Law.  Their announcement includes this preface on how the honorees were chosen:
The Wisconsin Law Journal has named its 2012 Leaders in the Law. The attorneys and judges selected have demonstrated their outstanding leadership, vision and legal expertise in Wisconsin’s law community. Honorees were chosen based on a wide variety of achievement criteria, including outstanding leadership, vision and legal expertise.
Scrolling down the list of honorees, two names jump out at me.

One is Attorney Michael Maistelman of Maistelman and Associates. Maistelman has a long history of expertise in Wisconsin election laws. Among his many successes, Maistelman was the legal representation in the charges against former State Senator Dan Kapanke, who had repeatedly willfully failed to follow election laws regarding campaign finances and open records request. It is Maistelman's expertise in election laws that led me to consult with him about the ongoing move by Scott Walker and his cronies to try to force the Government Accountability Board to use tax dollars to do his political work. And in the interest of full disclosure, it was Maistelman who ably represented me when the disreputable and misnamed Citizens for Responsible Government launched their false and libelous attack in a futile effort to discredit me.

The other name is that of the Honorable Maryann Sumi of Dane County Circuit Court who had correctly ruled that the Republicans violated the open meeting law when they tried to ram through the malicious and punitive Act 10 bill.

It should also be pointed out that absent from this list of honorees is Rick Esenberg, infamous for his rather selective and, at times, misleading interpretations of the law.

Also missing his Justice Michael Gableman, who has recently been found out for violating judicial ethics during his hearing regarding other judicial ethics violations.

Reports are that at the time this list was released, Justice David "Rubber Stamp" Prosser was in another fit of rage and was heard to yell, "I'm gonna choke the [redacted] for not putting me in there!"

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