Friday, December 16, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XLVIII

The November jobs numbers are in and it's the big brother version of the last four months:
Wisconsin lost private-sector jobs for the fifth consecutive month in November, the same months that the nation has been adding private-sector jobs, according to a report Thursday from the state Department of Workforce Development.

The state lost an estimated 11,700 private-sector jobs in November from October, the deepest since April 2009, when the nation was in the throes of the recession. The figures are based on a monthly government survey of employers and adjusted to smooth out recurring seasonal factors, such as winter-related slowdowns in construction or holiday hiring by retailers.

The government sector, meanwhile, continued to lose jobs at the city and county level, as it has for much of the past two years. All told, the state lost an estimated 14,600 nonfarm jobs when the losses in the private sector are combined with the losses in the public sector.
Yes, once again, while the rest of the country adds jobs, to the tune of 120,000 of them, the Walker budget of attacking the workers and attacking the state has yielded a loss of nearly another 15,000 jobs. That's 34,900 jobs lost in the last five months, ever since Act 10, his attack on the workers, kicked in. How much more evidence does the state need to realize that Walker needs to go?

And remember, Walker keeps telling us his plan is working, so we can only come to the conclusion is that his plan was to destroy Wisconsin. There's your malfeasance for you, as if there was a need for yet another reason to recall that weasel.

And if you look at the article and see the claim that unemployment dropped to 7.3%, it only means that the media can't think independently.

Between Walker driving the state to either the unemployment line and/or the poor house and his absolute corruption, there is no way a good Wisconsinite could support him.


  1. Just curious but... If you said you would create 250,000 jobs if elected, then found yourself in a nationally funded recall effort, what job creator is going to invest in Wisconsin before the recall result?

    I know, ya'll want Wisconsin to be like Illinois.

    "The approach we have is not working . . .

    Read more:

  2. The recall effort is not nationally funded.

    The only big money coming into the state is from the big business companies that want to gut "burdensome" regulation to mine the heck out of WI.

    These "job creators" are working the state and federal levels hard right now, and big money is pouring into the state.

    Just for an example: Check out Shirl LaBarre and the amount of money Cline and his rich foot soldiers dropped behind her.

    Had I not seen local people get together this past spring and get out and talk to each other, I would probably believe there was some national conspiracy. And there is a national conspiracy, but it really looks like it is more the wealthy elite snobs, and THEY OWN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.