Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is Jeff Stone In Or Out?

Bruce Murphy has a very interesting tidbit at the end of the article regarding the upcoming race for Milwaukee County Executive:
Republican assemblyman Jeff Stone, who lost the race for Milwaukee County Executive to Chris Abele last spring, did not rule out running against him again this spring in a recent JS article. But at last Thursday’s Press Club event, Stone was overheard assuring Abele he wasn’t going to run.
I can't imagine what Jeff Stone thinks he would have to gain from another run at county executive. Last year, Chris Abele trounced him 62%-38%, a pretty formidable margin.

And event though Abele has been doing his best Scott Walker impersonation, sometimes even doing Walker better than Walker does himself, Abele would have two distinct advantages over Stone.

One, between his own money and the money that the Greater Milwaukee Committee would be able and willing to drop on their boy, Abele could buy the seat over and over for the rest of his life..

Two, even though Abele has burned a lot of bridges and continues to show what could be most generously called questionable judgment and in some ways has surpassed Walker in savageness, it is Stone that will be more closely tied to Walker, which will only hurt him as we enter the recall election at about the same time as the general elections.

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