Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Recall - With Special Appearance by @PewterGryphon

The DPW just released a new video commemorating the recall of Scott Walker and the progress that has been made so far.  The footage was shot on Saturday, November 19, just days after the recall started:

It's a moving video alright.

But for the people of #wiunion, it is especially meaningful.

Around the 40 second mark, there is a shot of a woman in a wheelchair. The woman's name is Diane, but on Twitter, she is @pewtergryphon.

Sadly, Diane is terminally ill. But that has not kept her from helping fight the good fight. Whether it's getting to the rally, with the help of her friends, to sign a petition and join her voice to the hundreds of thousands of other Wisconsinites that know what Walker is doing is wrong, or sitting in her hospice room retweeting posts and helping get the information out, she is still in the thick of things. (By the way Diane, thanks for the retweets today!)

When I realized that I was seeing Diane in the video, I immediately tweeted it, making sure that I pointed out that she was in it. Literally within seconds, it was favorited and/or retweeted a dozen times. But that is just the way we roll. We pick each other up when we're down and celebrate with each other when the news is good.

And that is why Walker, even with all of his out-of-state big money, will still be removed from office. He's not fighting special interests, he's fighting for them. He's fighting against the good people of Wisconsin, people like Diane and her friends. And trust me, we stick together like only family can.

Every day, our resolve grows even stronger while Walker and his allies grow even more desperate.

We will do this!

We'll do it for Diane.

We'll do it for ourselves.

We'll do it for all of Wisconsin.

There are still over three weeks to go. You can help Diane put Wisconsin back to rights by volunteering by clicking here.

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  1. No matter how much money they spend they only have one vote each and there are more of you than of them.