Monday, December 12, 2011

More Thuggery From Walker Supporters

Yesterday, I reported about the Waukesha man who decided to go stalking and harassing petition canvassers from the comforts of his own home.

Now there's another report of a Stoughton man, Earl A. Gluth, who thought he'd try to intimidate some canvassers in Madison.  He went to where the canvassers were peacefully getting signatures and decided to take pictures not only of the people, but their license plates, so he could find out where they lived.

There is no reason for Gluth to know where they live unless he met to either go there and do some misdeed himself or to publicize their addresses for others to harass these people or even worse.

If Scott Walker is doing such a great job, why do his supporters feel the need to take things beyond legal behaviors?

And why hasn't Scott Walker condemned these behaviors and called for them to knock it off? Does he support this kind of thuggery?

Based on my personal experiences with his crew, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he did.  Walker and his supporters are acting like nothing more than a bunch of cowardly bullies.


  1. And the comments made by, canvassers, when people decline to sign? That's ok. You are making such broad assumptions in this post that are not covered by free speech. Gluth likely has a libel case against you FYI. You have no basis or fact for your assumption that he wanted to know where they live. Better have a good attorney.

  2. Um, maybe Capper is using the police report as the basis for this blog report?

  3. The silly troll has two problems.

    First he unsuccessfully tries to compare unsubstantiated name calling to actual physical acts of violence.

    Sencondly, as FOM pointed out, from the police report to which I linked to in the post:

    She said the man then went over to where their cars were parked and began snapping shots of their license plates saying he was going to look up where they live. It was about this time, the woman began to feel uneasy about the man, particularly when he said he was going to try to find out where she resides.