Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part L

Does Scott Walker really think he is kidding anyone with his ads trying to say his ideological attack on Wisconsin is a good thing? Two hundred people in Two Rivers are the latest to feel the real impact of Walker's budget:
Thermo Fisher Scientific announced Wednesday it will close its downtown Two Rivers wood plant, resulting in the loss of about 190 jobs.

"For the last several years, the future of the company here in Two Rivers has been like a dark cloud hanging low," City Manager Greg Buckley said. "And (Wednesday) the bad news came. I don't think it surprised anybody."

In October, Thermo Fisher announced plans to close its Two Rivers steel cabinetry manufacturing plant on Columbus Street by the end of the year and move production to facilities in Texas and Mexico. The company said at the time that no decisions had been made about the wood plant.
So as you're at your family gatherings and holiday parties, make sure you have your recall petitions with you. Walker simply has got to go, as in twelve months ago.

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