Friday, December 9, 2011

Which Scott Walker Will You Believe?

Even before the recall started, Scott Walker and his allies have been in high defense status, trying to take the offense against the juggernaut known as the people of Wisconsin.

The Koch Brother front groups MacIver Institute and Americans for Prosperity have joined together to create a pitiful webpage and laughable TV Commercial to say how Walker's union busting is "working" and is supposed to have made Wisconsin all better.

Since then, Team Walker has run three ads in his defense.  The first involved a Waukesha School Board member who violated her own school district's policy by doing the commercial in the first place, and then didn't even know how may schools were in her district.  The second ad was a charter school teacher who's claim to fame was to attend and cheer at a white supremacist rally.  The third starred another teacher who, according to his superintendent, doesn't know what the heck he's talking about.

All told, Walker and his allies have spent at least three million dollars on just the television ads.

And that doesn't include the campaign web page that Walker set up on the state's web site, using taxpayers' dollars.

The gist of all of the ads, whether directly from Team Walker or from one of his supporters, is that Walker's union busting and attack on working families worked to save people lots of money.

With Walker willing to spend so much money saying he save the state from imminent disaster, surely it's got to be true, right? Would Walker lie to us?

Well, one person who would call Walker a liar is Scott Walker.

Remember last April, when Walker appeared, under oath, in front of a congressional panel and Representative Dennis Kucinich not only took away Walker's sammiches, but ate them in front of him by grilling Walker and getting him to admit, again, under oath, that the union busting bill didn't save any money:

So which Walker are you going to believe? The one that is fighting to preserve his political career and has been found to be lying time and time again or the Walker that was force to tell the truth for once in his life?

After you realize that you cannot trust Walker and that he needs to be removed from office before he can do anymore damage, go to the nearest Recall Walker office and sign the petitions to recall him and his willing accomplice, Rebecca Kleefisch.


  1. Maybe I need to believe the Walker that gives no notice on visiting a private business in Eau Claire on the public dime, yet fails to give ANY real public appearance time...? (yet again)

    (I wonder if he took the plane up here for that visit?)

  2. Anonymous 10:12,
    I noticed that too. Walker's visit was announced only hours before his arrival and the official press release said it was open ONLY to members of the credentialed press.

    Such a blasted coward.