Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stick With Me, Kid, And I'll Make You A Star

Seven months ago, a relatively new friend to me, a tweeter going by the handle @BattiestGrrl, approached me, saying she wanted to show me a "manifesto" she had written in regard to the protests against the power grabs and over reach by Scott Walker and then State Senator Randy Hopper.

She told me that her name is really Joanne Staudacher and we became friends on Facebook as well.  I read her  manifesto, liked it, and decided to, with her permission, to post it.  It was a raving success and was often retweeted and spread like wildfire on Facebook.  

I was glad to have been able to get her message out for others to enjoy, but didn't think much about it afterwards as all of the vileness of Fitzwalkerstan came raining down upon our heads.

Now fast forward to this past weekend, when I got to go to Madison to spend time with many of my dearest friends.  We were fortunate enough to have Joanne be able to join us for a little while.  While we were talking, Joanne told me that she wanted to thank me again for posting her manifesto, but cryptically added that she couldn't tell me why just then.  

I thought it odd, but I figured she'd let me know in due time.  She still hasn't told me, but I think I figured it out without her doing so.

Today, TIME magazine announced their Person of the Year.  In this case, their "person" was a composite of the millions of people around the world who took to the streets to demand that a sense of balance be returned and a flat out rejection of the corporate greed and the plutocracy that was happening.  They covered the protests in Greece, in Egypt, in Europe, in New York and yes, even here in Wisconsin.

And who was representing #wiunion, but none other than Joanne with her manifesto on her protest sign.

Just how cool is that?!  And to think, in some small way, I helped this rising star.

Now, if I could just work that magic for myself...