Friday, December 16, 2011

Paul Bearers

On so many levels the GOP presidential race has provided a ton of rollicking entertainment. It helps take our minds off of how dangerous many of this corral of clowns really are.

Something fascinating is happening, and that is it has become Ron Paul's turn to float to the top of the pack in the fervent hope that someone who could beat Romney now that Newt's pizza sized warts that appear, disappear and reappear based on the GOP's willingness to see them.

After all, if you follow the right wing blogs they are working hard to create a pure beyond belief conservative GOP that they worry about being stuck with Mitt. He is so chameleon that, as Will Durst put it about Bill Clinton, if you threw him into a multicolored room he would explode.

Ron Paul is definitely the fan favorite among the GOP, because as an old man he holds views that those in the party all remember back when they were college sophomores. Let's face it. Ron Paul is a libertarian and libertarians are really Republicans that like to do dope.

The problem however for the party is that the current crop of sophomores will be combing Music Man Land to drum up caucus goers during their semester break. And the way the caucuses work it takes activists to deliver the caucus votes. The ads only fluff up the GOP Iowans, but it takes real bodies to deliver the win.

The rapidly deflating Newt balloon is floating only with ads, and there is a good chance that next month he could end up lagging the pack on the way to New Hampshire.

So Dr. Paul could stroll out of the Iowa with a plurality of caucus votes. The legs propelling the Paul campaign have a strong belief in their candidate, and winning Iowa will pump their hopes, while simultaneously stoke the fears of the rest of the part.

For the GOP, Paul was to serve one function and that was to spice up the debates. Now Paul's run would no longer be a cute side show, but a threat to the "serious" wing (try to wrap your brain around that one) of the party should it go anywhere.

But the Paulites will not cease, desist, and take their orders like good little Republicans. And when that happens, things get ugly. FOX is already going after Paul and if this crusade rolls along all the rest of the GOP leadership will look to get rid of this nuisance -- With Extreme Prejudice.

Worse, the Paul bandwagon runs on very little fuel and they could take this all the way to the convention, where the campaign will undoubtedly get rolled by the party, as they hold their collective noses and nominate Mitt.

Here's where it gets interesting. Ron Paul is claiming he supports the party, but he doesn't have too many runs left in him and his supporters know that. They would more than likely beg and plead Dr. Paul to run third party.

Of course this wouldn't be the first time a Texan put a Democratic president back in the White House.

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