Monday, December 19, 2011

Rep. Clark Calls Out Walker

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Rep. Clark calls on Gov. Walker to focus on jobs, not fundraising
Thousands look for work while the governor works on raising money
MADISON – On the same day we learned that Wisconsin lost another 14,600 jobs in November, Gov. Walker announced that he had raised more than $5 million toward an expected recall election next year. Today, Rep. Fred Clark (D-Baraboo) called on the governor to devote more time working on creating family-supporting jobs rather than fundraising for himself.

“If Gov. Walker spent nearly as much time focusing on jobs for Wisconsin’s struggling families as he does on raising money, we would be leading the nation in job creation,” Rep. Clark said. “Instead, Wisconsin has lost jobs five months in a row – every month since the governor signed his regressive budget – and has the worst economic outlook in the country.”

Since the budget was signed, Wisconsin has lost 34,900 jobs, while the nation as a whole has added 661,000 jobs during the same period. In fact, a recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia shows that the economic conditions in Wisconsin are the worst of any state.

“Any sports team with a losing record like Wisconsin has on losing jobs would be looking for a new coach,” Rep. Clark said. “The people of Wisconsin are tired of the governor's excuses and broken promises on jobs. That’s why they are working to recall him.”

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