Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Wreck That Is Scott Fitzgerald

Lori Compas is the woman who is heading up the recall effort against State Senator Scott Fitzgerald. Look at this video in which she confronts Fitzgerald:

There are three main things to take away from this.

One, just like his hero Scott Walker, Fitzgerald is whining that tax dollars aren't being used to do his political campaign work.

Two, he refuses to retract the lies that he is sending out in his campaign literature about the recall volunteers.

Three, he refuses to condemn the harassment that Ms. Compas and her volunteers are receiving from his thuggish supporters.

What a craven little turd this miscreant is, that he is perfectly fine with his people harassing and trying to intimidate a woman.

He is simply not even worthy of being called a man, much less holding any sort of office or authority.

H/T Jeff Simpson


  1. You won't even get the signatures.

    Gasp, gasp, gasp.

    Area 51 has found it's latest Ms. Compass, and because it's ironic, her last name is Compass even if it lacks support or direction.


  2. Well, I see it as heroic of her. Also, think of all the recall Walker signatures they are getting that wouldn't have been collected otherwise.

  3. 2:13, Ms. Compass has the guts to ask Scott questions face-to-face. You, however, hide behind a the laziest of pseudonyms to defend a guy who, among other serious faults, loves the People's Republic of China.