Thursday, December 22, 2011

Walker's Anti-Worker, Anti-Justice Administration

Over a decade ago, when Beloit Corporation shuttered it's doors, it broke its promise to workers to give them a week's worth of pay for each year they worked as a severance package.  Instead each worker got two weeks, whether they worked two years or thirty-two years.

The state sued the company regarding this and lost, but the Department of Justice was ready to appeal.

Scott Walker quickly put a stop to that:
Some former employees got the news Tuesday that there will be no further appeals in the case.

Dan Morris, who worked for Beloit Corp. for more than 26 years, was disappointed by the news.

"What really bothers me is the Department of Justice felt pretty strong about it (an appeal for the settlement). But when I asked the Department of Workforce Development why they didn't want this, I was told they had spent enough time on this and it was, ‘sorry, but you have to move on'," Morris said.

An email sent to Morris and other former Beloit Corp. workers from Assistant Attorney General Richard Moriarty indicated it was a Department of Workforce Development decision not to move forward.

"DWD has decided not to appeal. As a result, we will close our file here at DOJ," Moriarty's email stated. "DWD will communicate with the affected workers informing them of this decision. ... Ultimately, we obtained some recovery for the workers, through the settlement with the Beloit bankruptcy estate. Those at DOJ who worked on this case over the years (with several having retired in the interim) wish that we could have obtained the full recovery to which the workers were entitled."
Just another example of Walker putting corporate donors before the people whom he's supposed to represent.

He's got to go, the sooner the better.

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