Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part LIII

Scott Walker says the state is flat broke and doesn't have the money to pay it's employees.

Walker said that his budget, which took hundreds of millions of dollars out of the economy and concentrated in the hands of a few wealthy campaign donors, would miraculously create jobs, lots of them.

The reality is because of his stagnating the economy, our job market is much, much worse than the rest of the nations and the state's economic activity is dead last in the entire nation.

But the real kicker is that if it wasn't for Walker's failure, we'd have had a massive inflow of money which would have made things a great deal better here:
The Wisconsin Budget Project today released a report showing that since Republicans have taken control of state government, Wisconsin has lost out on $1.3 billion in federal funds.

"It's troubling to see how much federal money was left on the table at a time when Wisconsin needs every dollar it can get," says Jon Peacock, research director for the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, which initiated the budget project. "State officials maintain that they didn't have the necessary funds to draw down the federal money, but that doesn't make much sense when you consider that the Legislature found some $200 million in tax breaks to hand out to corporations."

The biggest chunk of federal money turned down by the state was the more than $800 million grant for a high-speed rail system connecting Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and the Twin Cities, which Gov. Scott Walker turned down even before he took office.
There is no defending this kind of malfeasance. Walker and his ilk have to go before he bankrupts us all.


  1. Avoiding hand-tying federal money is not economy killing.

    Anybody who isn’t a Keynesian-clinging stoopnagel knows that taking ONE-TIME SHORT-TERMl, FEDERAL MONEY is bad public policy and a future budgetary drag.

    Next time quote from a legitimate outfit and you might have a point. Or not.

  2. 800 million is 800 million. One time or not. Too much to turn down.

  3. Hey dim wit, fine, don't take the money, and don't get the jobs that result from it.

    And oh yeah, also end up having state taxpayers shell out a lot MORE money because you didn't take the federal dollars to do the SAME DAMN THING. That's the most egregious part of the train fiasco, and turning down the broadband money (among other stupid poses this Administration has pulled).

    The fact that you don't understand how this works probably explains why you sit at home listening to Sykes and Belling while the rest of us actually DO THINGS.

  4. :The fact that you don't understand how this works probably explains why you sit at home listening to Sykes and Belling while the rest of us actually DO THINGS."

    What a fine way to back up your argument. Maybe you could tell us dolts exactly how many jobs the tobacco settlement created?

  5. The tobacco settlement money had nothing to do with creating jobs. That was the non sequitur of the week!

  6. Tobacco settlement? The one from 2001? I make a point about how much of a bunch of whiny lame-asses you are, and you can't even argue against it and talk about some failed McCallum move from a decade ago.

    You righties can't answer any of the facts we bring, can you? Not that I didn't think so before, but when you can't answer the question, YOU ARE CLEARLY FINISHED. No wonder why you don't have the guts to leave your name on these blogs - you can't cut it in a fair fight.