Thursday, December 22, 2011


Tuesday evening, after work, I went to a local hospital to visit a friend, Steven P. Senski (known as @spsenski on teh Twitter), a member of #wiunion and one of the wittiest of the Twitterati, who had a very serious medical event happen. It was one of those type of things that is almost always fatal and my friend is very fortunate to be alive, even though the doctors don't know the full extent of the damage or how much he'll be able to recover. However, my Steven refused to be dismayed and expressed confidence that with some hard work and good therapy, he would fully recover in time.

As I entered his room, it was obvious that I was not the only life he has touched as he had several red heart balloons and one of the rare Wisconsin palm trees in his room already.

We had an excellent visit filled with laughter and deep discussion of the events of Wisconsin's political climate, especially the recall.

After I left, it struck me how truly amazing my friend was. Not only did he survive what could have easily been a fatal medical event, but he was doing better than one could expect. On top of that, while he was completely honest with the challenges he is facing, he also expressed a strong level of optimism that he would get better.

I later tweeted that I was glad that I visited him and that like #wiunion, his spirit was indomitable.

Reflecting on that, I realized how true that was. Not just for him, but for all of #wiunion.

I already told you about Diane who, even though terminally ill, was still giving it her all to help bring the state back onto the path back to recovery.

There is BattiestGrrl who, even though having problems finding a job in Walker's dismal economy, has thrown herself fully into the recall process and became a representative of #wiunion to the world.

But the indomitable spirit of #wiunion as a whole has been present, and obviously so, for the ten months.

When Walker and his allies in the legislature started their wholesale assault on the good people of Wisconsin, #wiunion gathered by the tens of thousands to call foul on their misdeeds.

When they tried to prevent the people from entering the People's House, they still came in. And then refused to leave, sleeping there night after night, laying claim to what was theirs and letting the usurpers know that they wouldn't be able to take it without a fight.

When Walker and his cronies were finally able to force them out of the Capitol at night, they slept outside, on the ground, even though it was still the lingering end of winter and very cold.

During the summer recalls, even while the Republicans were trying to throw every dirty trick in the book, from running fake candidates to trying to change the rules, the people stay focused and got two of them out of office.

Even now, during the recall of Walker himself, he and his supporters, in their desperation, have resorted to physical violence, trying to disenfranchise petition signers and all other sorts of skulduggery, the people have done as they always have. They have maintained control of themselves, stayed on the high road and are getting the job done.

The most recent, and perhaps the best example of this indomitable spirit is the Solidarity Singers.

Walker tried to take away their First Amendment rights of free speech and to peacefully assemble. Why? Because the singers had the audacity to gather every day at lunch time and - brace yourself - sing!

Oh the nerve! Those thugs!

Anyway, on the first day that Walker's infringement of the people's rights were to occur, not only did the singers show up, they came in even larger numbers, without one of his stinking permits, in open defiance of Walker's latest attempt at tyranny.

And they sang beautifully.

And they sang beautifully, because like all of #wiunion, they are indomitable.

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