Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XLVII

It's not only private sector jobs that are being lost due to Scott Walker's ideological war on the people of Wisconsin.  Just ask the people in the city of Manitowoc, who are about to lose 13% of the city's work force (45 our of 350 employees), including police officers and firefighters.

And for the honor of losing public safety, timely plowed roads and other city functions being hampered, citizens of the city will get to see their property taxes go up by 10%.

And next year will be only worse as the real impact of a "tool-less" budget takes hold and punished average citizens for not being a filthy rich corporation CEO.

Is there any questions on why the recall is needed?  I didn't think so.


  1. I see you missed the HTR editorial from yesterday where they place the blame for Manitowoc's budget problems on a novice of a mayor (He's like 24) and Kevin Crawford's years of reign.

  2. I see you're ignoring the fact, not editorial or opinion, that the majority of municipalities and counties are losing money, even after Walker's "tools."

    Go back to Zelda 2.

  3. And you're ignoring the fact that Crawford put damn near $80 Million on the city's credit card.

    P.S. Beat the game.

  4. Oh, and next time, try to visit Manitowoc in something other than the back of an AFSCME protest bus.