Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Abele Fundraiser: Not For The Commoners

I received an invitation to a fundraiser for Chris Abele today.  Check it out and see if you notice what I noticed:

Did you see it? They're charging $50 per person just to get in the door! Then you can spend two hours eating pate de foie gras and drinking champagne while they shove nominations petitions at you to sign.

I guess that's one way to keep out the riff raff.

But at $50 a head, I doubt that you'll find many county workers there.  Especially when one considers that in just over a week, Abele will be taking $400 to $500 out of their checks each week and is refusing to pay them for the furlough days they were illegally forced to take.

No, you won't see many county workers there at all.  But you might find some workers there.  Most likely the ones that have benefited from his nepotism or or from his cronyism.

That gives me a great idea for what could be Abele's campaign slogan:
"Just like Scott Walker -- Only Worse!"
I think that could catch on quickly.


  1. $50 is not an outrageous or unusual ticket price for a political event these days. And I've never attended a local event where they wouldn't accept a check for any lesser amount you want to write. No one gets turned away. (I'm not talking about $1000 a plate dinners, etc. but most normal fundraisers.)

  2. $50 a head is VERY common.

  3. The bigger point which I was making is not so much the $50, but the fact that Abele is doing worse to county workers than Walker has done as county exec or as governor! Because of Abele, actively working county workers will now be eligible for food stamps. That is absolutely shameful.

  4. Ex. Tammy Baldwin BBQ, Sept. 19, 2011, "$50 per person suggested contribution."