Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Precursor Of Things To Come?

Rod Blagojevich, the corrupt former governor of Illinois was sentenced today to fourteen years in jail for his misdeeds in office.

It made me wonder what the future might look like.  Perhaps something like this*:
Milwaukee, WI  (CD News) - The Scott Walker who once challenged the working people of Wisconsin to face him like a man, the glad-handing politician who took to talk radio shows and Faux News to profess his innocence, was nowhere to be found Wednesday as he was sentenced to not nearly enough time in prison for corruption. 
Frowning and pulling nervously at his clip-on tie, the disgraced former governor seemed like another person as he stepped up to address the sentencing judge.  Undeserved arrogance once as conspicuous as his growing bald spot was wiped out, a victim of his June conviction on charges that included attempting to sell the state of Wisconsin, using government property and staff to do campaign work and impersonating a human being. 
In a low voice, the one-quarter-term Republican apologized again and again, telling Judge Tom Foley that he made "terrible mistakes." 
"I caused it. I'm not blaming anyone else, except for the Democrats, the unions, women, children, lefty bloggers, my parents, my wife, my kids, the people of Wisconsin and the man on the moon," Walker said, trying with uncharacteristic humility to avert severe punishment. "I was the governor and and I should have known better, but David Koch told me that things would be OK."

*My sincere apologies to Don Babwin and Michael Tarm of the AP for what I did to their finely written article.

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  1. is that judge descended from leander foley?