Saturday, December 3, 2011

Local Bloggers, National Exposure

This has been a good week for a couple of our local bloggers.

My friend, Lisa Mux, aka Waukesha Wonk, earned some national attention when she had a post regarding TOMMY!!'s feeble attempt to regain relevancy republished on the Progressive.

And yours truly wasn't without a few moments of glory.

My post about how every 3.5 seconds someone was signing a petition to recall Scott Walker was rounded up at Crooks & Liars.

And my compilation of the damage done in eight years of Walker's malfeasance as Milwaukee County Executive was highlighted on Mark Crispin Miller's site.  (And I do agree with Miller's assertion that Walker needs to be prosecuted for his crimes.)

Not a bad week at all, if I say so myself.


  1. ehhh... with those FBI raids, I think it's not unlikely that Walker will be prosecuted for his crimes.

  2. And my comment on your post was highlighted in Mike Tate's facebook posting of your blog!! I'm sure he didn't mean for one of his posts to highlight a criticism of John Menard. Thanks to all WI bloggers bringing truth to the people!

  3. This blog makes the nightmare of Fitzwalkerstan much more comprehensible and makes the horrors to come predictable. Thanks for your work.