Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Pride Of West Bend

No, I'm not referring to Owen Robinson.

I'm referring to the clown that couldn't cope with the fact that the majority of people have come to the realization that Scott Walker is not good for this state or its citizens.  Because of his inability to deal with this simple fact, he resorted to defacing two recall petitions.

Fortunately, the thug probably didn't cause any real damage that would harm the recall.  In fact, by this time, odds are that the petitioners have been able to find the people whose signatures were damaged and had them re-sign new petitions, since that is allowed.

The sweet irony is that for his troubles, he is now facing two felony charges.  If convicted on either one or both of the charges, he won't even be able to vote to save his beloved leader from his certain recall.  (I also hope he's a gun nut too, since he'll have to give those up too.)

And in related news, a woman in Chippewa Falls demonstrated her ineffective coping technique on a Recall Walker sign.  For her troubles, she was cited with disorderly conduct and destruction of property.

Is it any surprise that the people that can't handle reality are the ones supporting Walker?


  1. I was at Sendik's in Wauwatosa yesterday where a recall signature collector was standing on the public sidewalk....a middle aged man came into the store so angry and loud...screaming that she shouldn't be there, that she was "stealing" from him, that this was not free speech..really spit was flying from his mouth, he was just short of a full volume scream. He then went out and screamed at the signature collector. I went out and stood by her for moral support.

    Really unpleasant and ugly. I wish I had the presence of mind to videotape him with my cellphone so everyone could enjoy that particular Sendik's shopper.

    Silver lining?.....he seemed really you behave that way if your guy is securely in place??

    Did you read the NYTimes article on OWS that dissed WIUnion protest and said it was focused on too narrow of an interest area rather than OWS. I guess they were reading too many FOX palm tree stories.

  2. **Now here is a Third story from another TV station--slightly different details but again, it says petitions, not walker signs that were torn up.

    Area woman arrested for allegedly tearing up recall petition

    Posted: Dec 05, 2011 6:01 PM CST
    By Keith Edwards - email

    Chippewa Falls (WQOW) - An area woman is arrested for allegedly tearing up recall petitions in Chippewa Falls.

    Police say on Friday, Mary Jean Dezurik, 68, pulled into a lot where volunteers were collecting signatures to recall Governor Scott Walker. When handed a clipboard with petitions, the Thorp woman allegedly ripped them up, threw the pieces out of window, started yelling and drove off. Workers wrote down her license plate number and police pulled Dezurik over a short time later. The case will be referred to the DA for possible charges.