Friday, December 23, 2011

Jeff Fitzgerald's Lead Balloon

During the hostile takeover of Wisconsin, Jeff Fitzgerald has behaved just like what he is - that pesky little brother that can't think for himself and follows everything the older kids do.

And when little Jeffy finally comes up with his own  idea - abolishing the GAB and replacing it with a politicized panel - it shows why he should keep his mouth shut.  As for his idea, that went over like a lead balloon, as it should have.

The truly remarkable is that this cartoonish oaf thinks he is somehow qualified to be a US Senator.  He's not even qualified to shovel out the kennels at the dog shelter.


  1. Isn't anyone trying to recall this guy?

    I suppose if he is in the assembly it might just be a waste of time, effort and money. But gee whiz!? He represents one group of Wisconsin citizens but ALL Wisconsin citizens must live in the $h!t he spews out. Just like we all have to live with Walker. Do we really have to put up with his antics for another year?

  2. Thankfully he is up for election in November. What a cretin!

  3. I disagree, Chris. Fitz the Lesser is completely qualified to shovel out a kennel.