Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meet Ciara Matthews, Walker's New Campaign Spokeswoman

Preparing for his inevitable recall, Scott Walker has started hiring his new campaign staff. At least in one area, it is an apparent downgrade.

In his gubernatorial run, Walker had hired a woman named Jill Bader, who's claim to fame was sending out racist tweets, and otherwise embarrassing the campaign. (I wouldn't be surprised in the least if her name resurfaces when Walkergate cracks open.)

Walker's new spokesman is Ciara Matthews. Her claim to fame, thus far, is being the spokeswoman for Sharron Angle, the Nevadan Tea Party candidate that managed to blow a huge lead over Harry Reid, one of the top three most hated Democrats in the nation, following only President Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Some of the highlights from the Angle meltdown includes when Angle told a group of Latino students that some of them look Asian and called herself the "first Asian legislator" in Nevada. Another highlight is when Matthews was forced to admit that both Angle, who is strongly anti-government, and Angle's husband were benefiting from government-run health care programs. And one of my favorites, after some news crews dared to ask Angle some questions which she handled quite poorly, Matthews banned the news agencies from events for the campaign.

On her own, Matthews can also be rather "entertaining."

Check out this video in which she appeared against the spokesman for Harry Reid's campaign"

She doesn't comport herself well at all, does she? Judging from her Twitter account, she still hasn't learned any social skills, which could make the upcoming election fun to say the least.

In summary, Matthews has been caught out telling lies, standing up with racist and hypocritical candidates, and hates people who challenges her version of reality. Sounds like the perfect fit for Walker, doesn't it?


  1. She's got "Lithium Eyes".

  2. Was Matthews the one behind Walker's ill-fated press conference announcing the wonderful efficiencies that had permitted him to graciously release more money for medicaid, when in fact he had been ordered to do so by the Federal Government?

    This news conference only served to piss off every member of the Capitol press corps when they discovered their time was being wasted to promote a bald-faced lie. This will come back to bite Walker in the ass repeatedly.

    Or was it the work of Jocelyn Webster, former Karl Rove lackey and the new spokesperson for DOA? In either case, Scottie has put together a real dream-team.

  3. Another Palinesque screecher, this is a match made in fundy heaven

  4. Not sure if this has caught your eye yet.

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  5. Hillary is the original screecher, not Palin. Look up some vids of the first lesbian First Lady.

  6. According to her Facebook page, "well behaved women rarely make history." Taking this phrase to an entirely new and morally questionable level, Ciara Matthews, spokesperson for Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, is once again being called out for behavior unbecoming a "good" conservative woman.
    While working part-time in the spring of 2010 at a radio station in Las Vegas, no doubt honing her right-wing message of "do as I say, not as I do," Matthews, then known as Ciara Turns, was preparing for her upcoming nuptials with Nevada Policy Research Institute President Andrew Matthews. Shortly before the marriage took place, Turns began a romantic, and more importantly sexual affair with a fellow radio station employee, who himself was happily married at the time with two small children.
    According to a Clark County, NV public filing, Turns and Matthews were wed in April of 2010, participating in a lavish local ceremony followed by a romantic Hawaiian honeymoon. Mrs. Matthews returned home to Las Vegas with her new husband, but unbeknownst to him, within weeks she had also reportedly returned to the arms of her lover, and radio show co-host.
    Never to let a few measly wedding vows, or the well-being of someone else's children, get in the way of sexual passion, Turns and on-air co-host continued their sorted affair, with the two eventually leaving their respective spouses, and Las Vegas, for greener pastures in the Nation's Capital.
    Why is Ms. Matthews’s private sexual behavior relevant? Because those in glass houses need to avoid throwing stones, or something to that affect. Ms. Matthew's strict conservative beliefs on the sanctity of marriage apparently do not apply to her, or any man she sets her sights on. Her allegiance to a party that touts itself as the last bastion of righteousness in America is in direct conflict with her own personal behavior and life choices, affecting not one but two sacred unions. Perhaps she was corrupted from the example set by her then-hometown Senator John Ensign, the admitted philanderer, who also spoke often, and loudly, on the protection of marriage in America - only to have his own marriage attacked by a self-inflicted wound. Or maybe, just maybe, this woman simply has no moral fiber.

  7. Ciara, what an idiot. The list goes on and on, that's why she lost the election.