Thursday, December 22, 2011

Larson Recall - Epic FAIL

Humorous short report by Michael Horne, now writing for Milwaukee Magazine, on the brilliance of those that would try to recall State Senator Chris Larson:
When 14 Wisconsin Senate Democrats left the state last February to deprive it of a quorum, all but one was in peril of being recalled. The exception was Chris Larson, who had taken his seat just weeks before, and was therefore ineligible. Now that he has served a year and can be recalled, there seems to be no movement afoot to do so. “I was expecting a recall,” he said. “But when a group tried to get organized, I noticed they spelled my name wrong, and thought that was a good omen.”

You mean they spelled “Larson” as “Larsen”?

“No," he said, "They spelled 'Chris' as 'Crhis.'”
No words if said group was CRG, but it woulnd't surprise me one bit.


  1. Broken link -

    Also, I think it's Michael Horne, with an "e". :-)

  2. You've heard of the "silent e," right? This was an invisible e.