Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XLVI

This post really should have a title other than being a part of something, the news is that bad.

Central Wisconsin is being devastated. It had already been reported that Wausau Paper was closing up shop, putting more than 450 people out of work. The ripple effect of such a grievous blow could mean up to another 650 other jobs being lost due to the plant shutting down.

The region wasn't even done reeling from that news when they got clobbered again, this time putting another 550 people out of work:
Central Wisconsin's economy was slammed with bad news for the second time this week when Schield Family Brands announced Friday it will close its Mosinee factory.

Medford-based Schield, parent company to SNE Enterprises, Weather Shield and Peachtree Doors and Windows, said 556 workers will be affected by the closure. In a letter sent to company employees and the state Department of Workforce Development, officials from the door and window manufacturer wrote that permanent layoffs will begin Feb. 7 and continue through Aug. 31.

Company officials declined interview requests, and would not offer more details about layoffs, or whether workers will be offered jobs at its other factories.
That's 1,000 jobs gone within days. And if one extrapolates the ripple effect of not just one, but two major companies shutting down, on top of the money taken out of circulation by Scott Walker's Act 10, you easily come up with 2,500 jobs being lost.  And Christmas is less than two weeks away.  I can't help but feel horrified and saddened for all those good people who just had their holiday ruined by Walker's greed.

It's would be very, very difficult for the region to recover from that kind of blow in the best of times. Under the regime of Scott Walker, the chances become slim to none that things will get better.

We have to and we shall get him out of office. Before he bankrupts the whole state.


  1. Baldwin and Woodville have previously seen similar companies close up before the Walker regime came to town.

    But the good news is that out here in the sticks, Senator Sheila Harsdorf has been making good on those owners and builders who really are friends and Republican donors:


  2. Wow! She spent millions of dollars to gain ten jobs while losing 2500! What a bargain!

  3. Catch the "about" on Schaffer, too:

    Schaffer Manufacturing is a nationally recognized manufacturer of metal products in the construction, mining, and agriculture industries."

    Who needs mining equipment these days?