Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wisconsin's Favorite Game: Do You Know Where Your Governor Is?

Thursday is the day that the court case of Scott Walker vs GAB is being heard in Waukesha County (and you wondered why Walker had that law changed!). But Scott Walker won't be there.

The state's economy is dead last in the nation and the state is losing more jobs than any other. But on Thursday, Walker won't be in Madison working on finding ways to really fix the problems which he created.

Facing sure recall stemming from an amazing upswell of grassroots groups who are refusing to allow him to continue to ruin their state, Walker won't be taking time to talk to the people of Wisconsin.

Nope, he won't be at any of these places

So where will Dearest Leader be?

Well, in the morning, he will be getting smarmy with Morning Joe.

Then he will be jetting off to sunny California:
Controversial Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will be the guest of honor at a Thursday fundraiser in Newport Beach hosted by county Republican Party Chairman Scott Baugh and the GOP’s 400 Club. The event is free and open to members of the club, which costs $100 to join.
Poor guy apparently can't find any support in Wisconsin, so he is forced to seek the comfort of large, gratuitous donations from the arms of people on the other side of the country.

Either that or he just never gave a fig about the people of Wisconsin, which we already knew, didn't we?

Who do you know wants to sign a recall petition?

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