Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Supreme Court Race To The Bottom

It wasn't enough that Annette Ziegler embarrassed the Supreme Court by coming in under a cloud of ethics problems.

It wasn't enough that Michael Gableman broke judicial ethics by running a blatantly false and racist commercial against sitting Justice Louis Butler.

It wasn't enough that David Prosser, winner of the mystery votes game of Waukesha County, then proceeded to fantasize that he was in the game of Clue. (It was Prosser with the choke hold in the chamber.)

Gableman has to again bring disgrace to the Supreme Court.  This time he violated ethics rules by accepting thousands of dollars worth of free legal advise during his first ethics violation hearing.  On top of that, Gableman never bothered to recuse himself from cases involving the donating law firm (which should be charged too).

Of course, the Republicans are completely silent about the matter, and it is a Democrat that has to lead the call for this matter to be investigated.

If there is a bright side to this most latest stain the Republicans have brought upon our state, it's that alleged legal expert and admitted Bradley Foundation beneficiary  Rick Esenberg is getting a healthy helping of crow to eat.


  1. I usually support your work, and you hit Ziegler and Gableman's actions right on the nose, but calling Prosser "the winner of the mystery votes game" , when there was NOT any impropriety, but rather incompetence, is misleading. Don't fall for the partisan claptrap that is beholden of the 620 Crew or the conspiracy theorist known as Dad29, you are better than that!

  2. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but when you have such levels of incompetence repeatedly, I begin to doubt it's mere coincidence.