Saturday, December 31, 2011

Walker's Monona Grove Lie Exposed!

About a month ago, Scott Walker's campaign ran his third commercial to try to defend his destruction of the state's education system. This time it involved another teacher, named Jeff Knutson, from Monona Grove:

Did I hear him correctly? Teachers not laid off? Class sizes not growing? How much did this guy drink before he made the commercial?

We already know that 3,400 education staff members were laid off and that, yes, class sizes did go up. Just like we know that programs got cut despite Walker's claims to the contrary.

But the real kicker is things aren't so rosy in Knutson's own district is in a world of hurt. And this isn't me saying, but Knutson's own boss, Craig Gerlach, the superintendent for Monona Grove saying so very clearly:

And it's not just Gerlach saying it, but superintendents from all over the state.

Plain and simple, Walker and his budget are disasters for this state. Is it any wonder that people from all walks of life and from all along the political spectrum have been eagerly circulating and signing his recall petition?

H/T Jud Lounsbury

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