Sunday, December 4, 2011

...His Lips Are Moving

The question is: How can you tell when Scott Walker is lying?

It's embarrassing for almost anyone to get caught up in a lie. It would be devastating to almost everyone to get caught in two major lies in one day.

A few weeks ago, St. Norbert College did a poll regarding the recall.  Their finding was that a huge 58% were in favor of ousting Walker.  Walker blew it off, saying that the pollsters were wildly inaccurate and that they couldn't even gets last year's elections right.

Sunday morning, PolitiFact reported that they looked at the numbers and found that Walker was lying.

Meh.  PolitiFact itself doesn't have the best track record and this could be easily dismissed as political spin, pathetic as it might be.

But this evening, JSOnline broke the news that Walker not only lied about the "big jump" in jobs in June, but that he did so willfully.  The report that he received from the state labor department came with a big warning that the numbers were suspect and questionable.

But because it was the height of the summer's recalls, he blew past the caveats and ran with it for purely political purposes.

Let me reemphasize this: Walker willfully lied to the people of Wisconsin about the jobs situation for the sole purpose of maintaining his tenuous hold on power.

Or in a third way of saying it, Walker was much more invested in keeping his job and the jobs of his corrupt cronies rather than keeping his promise to create jobs for the rest of us.

There isn't one person in this state that shouldn't feel sold out and royally ticked off right now.

There's a couple of other points of interest to this story besides the blazing headline that Walker lied.

One, the paper reports that they learned of the warning Walker had received because they did an open records request.  Given that Walker has a long, long history of delaying, stalling and otherwise dinking around with open records requests - especially when they're not favorable to his political self - it's kind of amusi8ng to thing that he might have very well done the same thing with this request.

That would mean because of his own stall tactics, the spotlight of his valuing his own political hide over the very lives and livelihoods of the people of Wisconsin comes in the height of his own recall.  Talk about poetic justice.

The other point is that we already know that Walker was cooking the numbers.  My friend Jake told us this four months ago.  Again, it's sweet poetic justice for it to come back to our attention now.

Who do you know that wants to sign a petition?

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