Saturday, February 23, 2013

African American Leaders Plan Monday News Conference to Denounce Bill Cutting County Board Power

Opposition to county board takeover plans grows. . .
United in their opposition to a state bill designed to limit the pay, power, and budget of the Milwaukee county board, African American community leaders will hold a news conference at 11 am Monday at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, 1531 W. Vliet St. Speakers include local, county, and state leaders.

“The African-American community needs more jobs, not less representation and less accountability for local government,” said Mike Wilder of the African American Roundtable, who plans to speak at the event. “The planned takeover will silence underrepresented voices, especially communities of color, while concentrating more power in the hands of politicians and the corporate elite.”
Others scheduled to speak include Rep. Mandela Barnes, Sen. Nikiya Harris, County Supervisors David Bowen and Russell Stamper II, and the Rev. Greg Lewis of Pastors United.

WHEN: 11 am Monday, February 25

WHERE: MLK Community Center,1531 W. Vliet St.

WHO: Rep. Mandela Barnes, Sen. Nikiya Harris, County Supervisors David Bowen and Russell Stamper II, the Rev. Greg Lewis of Pastors United, and Mike Wilder of the African American Roundtable
I have also learned that Congresswoman Gwen Moore wanted to come but couldn't. Instead, she's sending a staffer to read a statement from her.

More and more people are standing against the overreaching and tyrannical attempt by Chris Abele and the GMC to remove Milwaukee County's representative government. Those standing for democracy and balance are coming from all walks of life, regardless of gender, race or socioeconomic background.

Meanwhile, those that are for the hostile takeover of the county are limited to the Abele and his plutocratic friends at the GMC, their sockpuppets and teabaggers.

And they cannot even offer a mature, rational reason for their desire to remove the voice of the people. All we get from them is arrogance, conceit and adolescent condescension.


  1. And PLEASE have them support and GOTV for Ed Fallone April 2.

  2. Is there any actual defense of the status quo other than the fact that these are (largely) people (the supervisors) who have (tried to) protect you employees and your benefits, especially those of you who are unionized?

    Because so far, no other reasonable justification has been provided.

    1. The "status quo" that you snidely put down is representative government and democracy. If you feel those things are not reasonable, we can send you to someplace that doesn't have them. Can you speak Korean?

  3. adolescent condescension? LOL
    coming from a guy who does that same thing on a daily basis!