Friday, February 15, 2013

I Have Not Been Drinking! - Pecor

By Jeff Simpson

Between the blatant incompetence of Kathy Nickolaus, the lies and propaganda from Jim Wigderson and Maciver, and the numerous assorted strange stories that have come from Waukesha, they are starting to give West Bend a run for their money in crazy.  

The difference is West bend is just filled with crazy people where Waukesha is filled with a group of hard core right wingers who think that they are superior to the rest of us and that rules do  not matter.   Witness the latest in the long lines of republican DUI and name dropping - Rachel Pecor! 

There is an open seat in the 98th Assembly district and a gaggle of hard core right wingers are all running for their chance to get on the public dime.  One of them is jeanne Tarantino, the divorced former speaker for Rebecca Kleefisch(before she was unceremoniously fired for being too old).

While Ms Tarantino is busy knocking on doors, her "high powered republican campaign strategist"  and former Kleefisch recall campaign manager Rachel Pecor is driving around the streets of Waukesha drunk!  Was Pecor off to yet another fundraiser or Waukesha astroturf meeting? not sure but we do know where she was going.  To pick up Tarantino's daughter from dance!  All of the people that have given money to Jeanne Tarantino can rest assured, the money they have donated to tarantino is being put to good use, paying a national republican strategist to get drunk and chauffer her kids around!  

Rachel Pecor was pulled over after she veered into the wrong lane. She was on her way to pick up the child of a state assembly candidate when police noticed something was wrong.
It's around 8:15 p.m. Tuesday night and Pecor was behind the wheel of this car, crossing the center line in Pewaukee.
"Hi. What are you doing? You're all the way on the wrong side of the road," the officer said.
Don't worry, Pecor knows how things work in America, so she starts dropping names:

That's when Pecor starts to play the political game.
“My candidate is running for the assembly here," she answered.
That candidate, Jeanne Tarantino, is running for state assembly. Her child was the one Pecor was on her way to pick up from dance class. The officer had Pecor to pull around the corner to a safe area, but it soon becomes clear she's not in control. She has no license, and the officer notices alcohol on her breath.

Then come the lies:

"That was the other question that i had was how much you've had to be drinking," the officer said.
"I have not been drinking," Pecor answered, to which the police officer replied, "That's not true.”
So the officer starts a field sobriety test. He has Pecor walk toward him....she's on the other side, but you see another officer reach to catch her and pecor try to explain.
"Sorry the heels," she said.
When pecor finally submits to a breath test, the results aren't good.
In the end, officers found 3 empty vodka bottles in the car.
3 empty vodka bottles, if your going to party, do it right I guess!   Then it hits her that she has a good gig travelling around the country and running campaigns while poor schleps give her money, that she does not want to lose:

 "I don't care what you do to me. Just don't let this become a campaign issue, please," she said.

Then finally shedoes what all politicians, who cant stop talking whenveer they see a camera, do when they get in trouble.  She refused to comment!

 Pecor declined to comment about this arrest and calls to the Tarantino campaign were not returned tonight. Pecor got a ticket. If she'd had Tarantino's daughter in the car when she was stopped, it would have been a felony.

I recommend Randy Hopper's attorney!   At least she can take comfort knowing that Ron Johnson thinks of her as a true patriot

We are still trying to confirm if Tarantino's new campaign slogan is "A Bottle of Vodka in every car!" 

Video here!  


  1. How old is this person?

  2. Never mind, I saw the video. Thank God the cop stopped her before she got into an accident.

  3. Are you surprised? Working for and with that crowd would be enough to drive anyone to drink! Sad.

  4. The news announcer said "Thank God she didn't have a child in the car with her!" Because that would have been a felony? I say thank goodness she didn't hit a car and kill someone.

  5. Anyone who knows drunk drivers knows they don't get caught the first time typically it is because they are comfortable driving drunk.

  6. As I said in the Michael Brickman/Rich in Retail story from earlier this week- "What kind of loser do you have to be in order to take a gig as a GOP operative?" This freak is another good example.

  7. Jake, these guys get paid well and no private sector company would touch them at their salary. thats why!

  8. Jeff- I'll go with a different flavor of that. They can't get a "real world" job and so they have to end up as GOP hacks (Tim Russell is the prototype of this).

    Which explains why they have such a negative view of public employees, because it's all projection (like most things with Republicans). They think we're all as cynical and limited as they are!