Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Team Walker Admits It's Not Working

Hours before Scott Walker gave his latest campaign speech (using a government-sponsored platform - doesn't this guy ever learn?!) his campaign sent out a fundraising email in Blinky Kleefisch's name (emphasis mine):

Tonight, Governor Walker will speak directly to the citizens of Wisconsin and propose his continuing plans to keep our state moving forward. His address will stream live at beginning at 7:00PM CT and I encourage you listen to his plan of optimism, relativism and courage.

In 2011, Governor Walker courageously put forward a bold agenda packed with reforms which built a strong foundation for our state. With your support, he took on the special interest groups, enacted legislation that saved Wisconsin taxpayers over $1 billion and eliminated a $3.6 billion budget deficit left by his predecessor. He did all that without raising taxes on hardworking families and small businesses. Tonight, he will build upon that solid foundation.

The Governor and I are committed to job creation and economic prosperity for the state we love. In tonight’s Budget Address, he will lay out his plans to create a vibrant economic atmosphere in Wisconsin and encourage job creation and expansion. By focusing on core initiatives like education, workforce development, infrastructure and government reform, we can propel Wisconsin to the top of the list of best places to live, work and raise a family.

Thanks to your enduring support, Governor Walker and I have had many successes on behalf of the hardworking taxpayers throughout Wisconsin. I pray that support remains strong tonight as you hear him present his plans for a better Wisconsin in his budget address, and you continue to stand with us as we move Wisconsin forward.


Rebecca Kleefisch
Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin

PS. Governor Walker and I have come a long way and have built a solid foundation for Wisconsin, but there’s still so much to do. Please watch tonight’s budget address, which will stream live at, and stand with us as we continue moving Wisconsin forward!
In the highlighted area, they admit that he has yet to create a "vibrant economic atmosphere," and that they have done nothing to create jobs.

And it's true. They have not done those things. Wisconsin has the second worst economic outlook in the nation and are the worst in the Midwest in almost every economic measure, including job growth.

Given this, would someone please explain to me why they are doubling down on the things they know aren't working?


  1. They don't care about results. They care about getting themselves and their contributors PAID. End if story. The other 5 million+ of us don't matter

  2. When you trash the public school system in a state, it lowers the standard of living. When you lower the standard of living, out-of-state companies won't locate here and companies who are currently located here get nervous and run for the borders, taking their jobs with them. There goes the middle class. Act 10 already has teachers leaving the profession because without a decent living they can't support their families, pay back student loans, etc....There goes the best and brightest. Students graduate from our WI colleges have seen the turmoil and leave the state. This has become a large, swirling, downward spiral. (And this putz of a governor can't seem to see this??!?! It doesn't matter how much you save in taxes, it doesn't matter if there aren't any companies left here. And your precious jobs initiative go right down the swirling spiral too.)

    Will the last person left in the state, please turn out the light?

  3. He doesn't care what he does to the state, just so all the money gets into the Koch brothers' pockets, okay? HE DOESN'T CARE!. OK?

  4. It's not just Walker, it's 99% of the Republican party in this state. Each one of them are grabbing at the scraps thinking one day they will feel full from the special interest feast, little do they know they will be fed to the wolves like the rest of us.

  5. Scott Walker is turning this state into Wississipi. I cannot handle anymore. If the majority of people wanted him the majority of people will no longer receive my business. I am switching insurance companies and buying whatever I can online. My money will not support this radical agenda and all the ignorant people who voted for this man.

    1. Not quite yet: Mississippi is 48th in job growth by the latest Walker-approved figures, while we're still up at the dizzying heights of 42nd.

      However, we are closing the gap fast, seeing as when Walker took office we were in 11th place while Mississippi was 32nd.

  6. I don't believe you!

  7. You people need to look at the actual facts here. Walker has gotten rid of our states debt and given us a balanced budget. You can't give money out to everyone who "wants" it. The welfare system in this country is flawed and he is trying to get our state on the right path. I am in a wheelchair myself and I go to work every day and manage a company to support my family and send my son to college. I do it without collecting off of everyone else so can you! This is ridiculous how everyone can complain about conservation, I can't believe how ignorant people can be today. A radical agenda is hardly what Walker is purposing. You want radical look at our president.

    1. "Walker has gotten rid of our states debt"

      Total debt $13,490,100,000, up $567,500,000 in the first year of Walker's first budget.

      Source: Walker Administration's Department of Administration's State Budget Office (table 8 page 34).

      "given us a balanced budget"

      GAAP deficit $2,211,006,000. Source: same document, page 165.

      "I can't believe how ignorant people can be today."

  8. ...I encourage you listen to his plan of optimism, relativism and courage...

    Relativism? Really? What is that supposed to mean in this context? I thought relativism was one of the big bugaboos on every devoted religious conservative's hit list.

    I also have to say that from what I've heard Wisconsin's not so much moving forward as moving out. To other states. Where the jobs are, thanks to Scott Walker and his "continuing plans."

    1. Oh, oops! I forgot to acknowledge the thriving Powdered Whey Export Industry, which helped bump us 0.2% over the national growth rate for exports in 2011. No thanks to Scott Walker or his "continuing plans" but you've got to tout something if you want your 15 minute speech to stretch to more like 45!

      Anyone know when Chief Executive Magazine's next ratings issue is coming out?