Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Was Thinking Of Retiring From Blogging...

...but Gandhi told me not to:


  1. Thanks for hanging in there. Brilliant and inspirational to many, Capper.

    Never give up!

  2. I agree. Please keep going.

  3. Capper, a legend in his own mind.

  4. I know what you mean -- and if one looks at the data from WI elections, especially walker recall "win" the anomolies suggest things are rigged here.

    If that is the case, blogging and educating people isn't going to make a difference until we get the dialog moved to open, honest, free, transparent, and verifiable elections.

    Until then -- walker and the repugs that gerrymander don't have a mandate to govern -- there is no consent of the people.

    This is what Germany and other countries used to throw out proprietary vote machines and tabulation systems that cannot be verified.

    If people that have wider readership are unwilling to take up these issues, nothing else matter, but the "superblogs" (including the evil orange one) ban and mock this discussion.

    Its hard to find good stuff to blog about daily -- but please consider what really matters. There have been some attacks on a certain Milwaukee Senator here that are not justifiable -- without this person's support there would have been no "uprising" and occupation in 2011.

    True solidarity demands we don't all have to agree on the details of each issues -- this Senator's community suffers drastically more than any part of the state -- the voice of these citizens needs to be heard too.

    We should all agree that elections matter and how votes are counted matters -- why is this entirely off the table (rhetorical question, capper, not directed at you or your blog).


  5. Oh please, oh please!!!

    Don't retire. Keep blogging!!!!!!!!

    I have forwarded your posts to countless others.

    You are THE source re: info on the John Doe investigations.

    Slimy Scottie, bought and paid for,
    (11 mill in campaign contributions
    to site the Gogebic Mine)
    and his Koch Brothers pimp/pals,
    (public power plant anyone?)
    must be challenged, even though I know that much of the time it feels like an uphill fight.

    I agree with the poster above that the
    voting machines may be compromised (rigged)
    and must be investigated.

    And it's heartbreaking to see how much of the
    Wisconsin we have always known and loved
    start to slip away: good schools, clean government, love and care for our natural resources, and a respect for workers.

    The phrase I share with that seems to best sum up the current Republican attitude is:
    "They want us to be China".

    Fire at will, paid a dollar a day, no workplace safety, no overtime, no paid vacations, no security, nothing but fear.
    That's their ideal.

    Keep Blogging. Please, oh please.

    A grateful reader.

  6. And we thought tinfoil hat-wearing whackos were found only on the right...

  7. I can honestly say I would cease to blog if I kept getting owned consistently in the comments. who wouldn't?
    oh yeah..

  8. I really enjoy reading your blog as well. I hope you keep it up.

  9. I enjoy your blog too. I think you should take a rest if you need one, but don't quit because of all these grumpy comments. They don't have to read this anyway. I think that the comments here that are anti-union, anti-left, anti-Dem are signs that you are making sense to a lot of people. Why do they feel the need to criticize if it is all so tin-foil and silly?

  10. Take the break that you consider that you need to achieve some personal restoration Capper. I try to do a little bit of that each day.

    I am using information that you and others provide to go to my very local elected official, county and municipal, and presenting educational and action agendas for them to be considering.

    Sometimes it is as simple as requesting the local school board to pass a resolution against something like more armed guards in the school district. No actual force of law, but, if they agree or disagree, with prior alerts to a friendly paper or radio news hound in your home town, it becomes news and a tool.

    Doing this reveals that we as individuals are not always operating in the vacuum we might perceive through incessant political repression at almost every turn these days. Like minded people readily team up when shown an avenue.

    Peace and resolve.

  11. A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Forward is OUR motto, and we will win this because of people like you using your blog as a tool(tauwl) to dismantle the Walker machine.

  12. Don't worry, kids. I'm not going anywhere. There's still too much fun to be had.

    And if I don't piss off at least one troll a day, I figure I'm doing my job right.