Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Again, The Voices Of The People Are Squelched By Corporate Greed

At the end of last year, Madison was rocked when the manglement at WTDY suddenly canned John "Sly" Sylvester without warning and without recourse.

Fortunately, Sly came back on the air at a different station and the left regained their voice in South Central Wisconsin.

Sadly, more voices were squelched in Milwaukee today.  Not just lefty voices, but the voices of the African American community (emphasis mine):
Milwaukee radio station WMCS-AM (1290), which has served the African-American community via talk programs and music for two decades, is changing its programming but the station’s manager declined to disclose on-air plans.

The station began playing all-Elvis Presley music at 10 a.m. Tuesday, signaling the change.

“There will be a format flip,” said Bill Hurwitz, vice president and general manager of the Milwaukee Radio Alliance, which runs the station. “It is a very difficult thing to do, but it is strictly a business decision. Radio stations need to make money and serve the community.”

The most high-profile personality on the station was morning show host Eric Von, who was a host at the station from 2004 through 2009 and returned in 2010. 
Von and all but four members of the WMCS staff have been terminated, Hurwitz said.
Did you notice that making money came before serving the community. That is one of the greatest crises facing this city, this county, this state and this country.

Everything revolves around the Almighty Dollar, and if it doesn't make you enough money, it has to go. It is the rebirth of Ronald Reagan's "Me generation" which is now summarized as "As long as I got mine..."

WMCS also was home to Earl Ingram, who was a great part of the station. My favorite part of it was when he put William T. Harris in his place.

Their voices will be sorely missed and we can only hope that they come back to Milwaukee's airwaves in short order.

Our whole community is a lesser place without them.


  1. Gee, why didn't you write a few paragraphs here slandering Sen. Lena Taylor for standing up for her African American consitutents that:

    *Have by far the highest poverty and unemployment rates in state and even the nation?

    *Are underserved by public schools generation after generation?

    You write an absolutely shameful post about a week ago unfairly calling Sen. Taylor "treacherus" and now you want to write as if you stand up for her community?

    I can only hope you learned from that mistake last week -- she isn't pro-walker and you knew better.

    You also seem to indicate in this post that you understand diversity and life-experience matters, yet last week you unfairly slimed Taylor for speaking the truth -- the African American community needs to have a voice in Madison which means electing African Americans.

    REAL solidarity means we acknowledge problems and respect people's rights to speak out on them -- that is Sen. Taylor's role. MPS does have some disgraceful history -- of course her community (which overwhelmingly elected her) wants to see some changes (which the union there will not allow).

    But now you proclaim that that community should have a commercial radio station.

    Where was this "understanding" when you were slandering Sen. Taylor?

    1. Gee, I guess you didn't see the video from last weekend when her constituents confronted her on her treacherous votes and actions, such as school choice, concealed carry, castle doctrine and the power grab.

      Whey don't you actually pay attention to the community instead of your own smug arrogance.

  2. I love how double standards are being applied against the author to squelch dissent. I was once proud to say I voted for Sen Taylor, but never again will I waste the time to draw that line.

  3. Capper, Put your money where your mouth is. Raise the funds to reinstate the WMCS we all love.

    After all it is about the money. Even in communist utopias where they have to build walls to keep the happy workers in.

  4. When did this blog become so pathetic? Oh how dare a radio station have to make money to stay on the air!!! Life has always revolved around the "almighty dollar." Get a clue.