Monday, February 11, 2013

Move To Amend Has Congressional Backing: Abele Rejected It

Finally, there is some good news and it's coming from our friends at Move to Amend:

It's bloody well about time that someone starts listening to the people!

The local MTA chapter tried to get a referendum on this in 2012, but Abele refused to sign it. Furthermore, he manipulated the system so that the Board never got a chance to put it on either. Abele compared to allowing the voters a voice of their own was like a Facebook poll. (That shows how little he thinks of the average citizen.)

Other communities have more representative officials than Abele, and the movement won big in the last election and gained a lot of steam.

Now it's got congressional supporters.

And we're supposed to cut the Milwaukee County Board and not Abele's office why again?

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