Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chris Abele: Walker Wannabe

Recently, Chris Abele and his people have been trying very hard to smear the Milwaukee County Board by trying to tie them in with Sheriff David Clark through shameless innuendo, baseless hearsay and inane straw man arguments.

They are doing this because Abele's bid to grab all the power in Milwaukee County government isn't selling very well.  And since he has nothing positive to say about why this should happen, he is resorting to tearing down other people.

Outside of the despicably low levels Abele is willing to stoop to, what is really breathtaking is the hypocrisy of it all.  Abele is trying to tie the Board to Clarke because Clarke has been doing what he's always done - shooting his mouth off and making himself look like an ass.

But who does Abele associate and look up to?  None other than Scott Walker:
In an interview last week, Abele said his name should not be on a list of prospective Democratic governor hopefuls. Abele told Steve Walters of Wisconsin Eye:

"I think too often there’s people in public office who are solely motivated by what’s the next step. I’m not going to say that’s always a bad thing, but I ran (for county executive) not because this was sort of a career goal. I ran without having thought too much about being in public office until recently.

"I ran because I wanted to make a difference in in the county. And frankly, I’ve got a good working relationship with the governor and I think between where his politics are and what he’s doing in the state and what I’d like to do at the county I would like to get as much positive out of that and productive change as possible.

"So I should not be on that list."
The fact that Abele is a Walker sympathizer really shouldn't come as a surprise. The signs have been there for anyone willing to look.

The first time Abele ran for county executive, his opponent was State Representative Jeff Stone, whom Abele classified as a "Walker Clone." Even though Abele tried to portray himself as the anti-Walker candidate, he refused to sign a Walker recall petition and did not feel very passionate about the recall effort as a whole.

Another example would be the fact while Abele lamented that Walker's illegal budgets as county executive meant that Act 10 left Milwaukee County up the river, in six months time, he was praising Act 10.

What is utterly frightening and outrageous is that one line from the quote cited above:
And frankly, I’ve got a good working relationship with the governor and I think between where his politics are and what he’s doing in the state and what I’d like to do at the county I would like to get as much positive out of that and productive change as possible.
The fact that Abele admires and wants to do the same thing on a county level that Walker is already evident.

Abele's budgets are identical to the one's Walker did as county executive and is doing as governor.

And just like Walker consolidated as much as the power of state government as he could into his own hands, Abele is attempting to do the same with this power grab bill.

Walker is trying to force people out of the safety net of economic aid, Badger Care and similar programs.  Abele is trying to push for the closure of the mental health complex and move the patients there into the community without an adequate safety net.

Walker is selling the state's assets to the highest bidder (or should I say campaign donor?).  Abele is already pushing to sell off many of the county assets, mostly to his friends at GMC, who already are demolishing the county grounds for their own greed.

Basically, everything Walker does is to benefit his rich friends and his cronies.  Abele is doing a very good impression of that now.

And where Walker is a master at manipulation, deception and lying, Abele is trying his best.  He's just not as adept at it.  Yet.

Now, there's nothing wrong with a little hero worship or wanting to emulate someone.  But when one's hero and someone you brag about having a good rapport with is the only sitting governor with a legal defense fund,who has spent a half million dollars defending himself and his campaign just during an investigation and who has had six cronies - including three from his inner circle - convicted of stealing from veterans, illegal politicking and corruption, well, that's a sign of a serious character flaw.

Perhaps it's time that a closer look is taken at how Abele is running his administration.  I feel pretty confident that it would show someone who should not be allowed to have all the power that he is seeking.


  1. So the question really is who are these little toy soldier's owners?

    Also Recall the bum already! Get Abele out! Eliminate the position too, but he's bad for Milwaukee.

  2. Look up the definition of hearsay and then read what I wrote again.

  3. Abele, like Clark, should never again be mistaken for a Democrat. They may call themselves Democrats, but they are anything but Democrats.

    1. Time people start running "as" Republicans...and not Republicans, if you know what I mean! ;)

  4. "tearing down other people" you would know cuz your an expert at that!
    and hes shutting down the mental health complex and letting patients go? who knew?! thats brilliant! I also heard Abele is setting all the zoo animals free to confuse Clarke!

  5. Thank you for laying this out as you have. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! The comparison is hurtful to hear, but will prove quite useful in future efforts. It is long past the time that the voters line up several Republicrats and require them to find another line of work.