Monday, February 18, 2013

Will You Marry Me!

By Jeff Simpson 

We just came out of what Scott Walker officially recognized as "National Marriage Week".   This made Wisconsin Family Council Giddy with excitement.    Fresh off their (not)surprising endorsement of election loser, Roger "some girls rape so easy" Rivard, the organization  "advancing Judeo-Christian principles and values" jumped all in on National Marriage week.  
Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Council says, “Governor Walker’s proclamation rightly identifies the benefits of marriage and the costs of marital breakdown, not only for the men, women and children directly involved, but also for the entire state.” The proclamation reads in part, “Marriage breakdown takes a toll on the emotional, physical and financial well-being of the entire family, and increases the public cost for human service programs.”  

So says the unwed, living with her female friend Julaine Appling, who has spurned numerous offers to help her find true love!  

I wonder if she discussed this at a forum featuring Glenn GrothmanRobin VosMichelle LitjensJeanne Tarantino and Charlie Sykes


  1. Maybe she can find a date with Glenn Grothman, Robin Vos, or (gasp!) a Democrat.

  2. Or how about "Father of the Year", DUI convicted, now divorced, EX GOP Senator Randy Hopper and his little "tart" for whom he arranged an overpaid (at taxpayer expense) position?