Sunday, February 10, 2013

Putting Charlie Sykes In His Place

After Charlie Sykes' White Wisconsin went behind the pay wall, I expected some changes, but never guess that there would be an improvement or that said improvement would come from my email system:

click to embiggen

You read that correctly.  My email has figured out that Sykes' crap is nothing more than spam.  Rather funny, if you ask me.  Or even if you don't.

It's kind of sad though that my email is smarter than his dozens of listeners. No wonder the state got in so much trouble.


  1. Spam? Don't they need to be forwarded to Herr Environmental for improper disposal?

  2. Signing numerous online petitions has gotten my Yahoo email address onto the mailing lists of Ron Johnson, Terry Moulton and others of the ilk. And of course that of the Little King himself. Communiques from any/all of the above are summarily directed to the spam folder.