Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Dumb Senator Doubles Down On The Dumb

Our Dumb Senator Ron Johnson has doubled down on the dumb.

First, he inexplicably votes against the Violence Against Women Act. I still haven't confirmed that he really did yell out "This one is for you, Prosser!" when he cast his no vote.

With a tip of the hat to noted futurist John Foust, it also came out today that RoJo spoke at a Lincoln Day dinner, or as the Republicans call it, Hatefest. RoJo made sure it was clear that he was in direct competition with Joe McCarthy as being the worst senator in Wisconsin history with this bit of idiocy:
"Let me describe what we're up against as conservatives, as patriots, as people who like freedom, as people who like this country," Johnson said. "We are up against a strategy that is taking place by liberals, progressives, Democrats, whatever they call themselves nowadays, Socialists, Marxists."
Gee, I always just considered them to be Americans.

Anyway, to paraphrase another favorite right wing quip, if RoJo doesn't like that the American people don't hold his unquenchable greed as a priority, he can go back to whatever cave he came from.


  1. Hands down the worst Senator in the history of this great state. The you Teapublicans.

  2. You call him RoJo; I call him MoRon

  3. Unfortunately "where he came from" is Wisconsin.