Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Concerns About Special Needs “Scholarships”

Disability Rights Wisconsin and Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities put together a pretty good overview of the major problems with the Special Needs Scholarships that Scott Walker and the Republicans want to ram down our throats as they sell off everything they can, even our children.

A sampling:
• The guarantee a child won’t be turned away – either at the door or sent back mid-semester. Voucher proposals will not require private schools to accept children
with disabilities.
• The guarantee to any special education or related services such as therapies or assistive technology. Even if a voucher proposal says an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be required and implemented, schools are not required to provide specific services or supports.
• The guarantee that a professional with training will support a child. Recent Wisconsin voucher proposals have not required qualified special educators or therapists to be on staff.
• The right to keep a child safe from harmful and abusive practices, like seclusion and restraint. These protective laws do not apply in private schools.
• All rights under state and federal special education law, the strongest education law in the world. If things go wrong in a voucher school, families’ only option is
to return to the public school.

Read the whole thing (in pdf form) here.

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  1. Thank you! For an additional perspective, there's an op-ed in the Cap Times from 3 parents (including myself), appearing in the print edition today.

    Why We Must Stop Special Needs Vouchers

    And a press event coming up at the Capitol by our grass-roots family-run group, Stop Special Needs Vouchers, on Monday 2/18, 2:30pm, Room 330SW. Parents of children with disabilities from across the state will be introducing our children and sharing our concerns about what the vouchers would risk for students in Wisconsin.