Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The ACLU Joins In The Chorus

Surely, the gentle reader is fully aware of the oppression of democracy, freedom and civil rights which are going on in our state capitol.

Unable to tolerate dissent because it sheds the light of truth on their maleficent actions, Scott Walker and his henchman, Capitol Police Chief Dave Erwin, have been stepping on the throats of the Solidarity Singers.  Even worse is that they can't do their evil by the light of day, but wait until nightfall to go to people's homes before engaging in their intimidation tactics.

The violation of people's constitutional rights have become so egregious that fellow officers and deputies from around the state have condemned these actions.

The ACLU also sent a warning to Walker and his thugs, advising them of the Constitution and the rights and freedoms it guarantees.

Instead of backing off, Walker had Erwin step it up by threatening ACLU watchers.  The ACLU responded with amazing restraint and patience.

But that patience has apparently worn thin, for they have stepped into the fray and have filed suit against Walker and his bullying tactics:
The suit filed in Madison Monday seeks to block Capitol Police and the state Department of Administration from requiring permits for demonstrations and fining protesters who don't comply.

The lawsuit says that Michael Kissick, an assistant professor of medical physics and human oncology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, participated in demonstrations in the rotunda until September 2012, but then stopped because of concerns about ticketing and arrests.

“I have always attempted to follow the law while expressing my political views,” Kissick said in a statement. “I resent being treated as criminal for speaking freely in a public forum. This country was founded on dissent, so I view myself as a proud American exercising my rights to engage in the most protected of all speech."
And the lawsuit was filed in federal court, so the corrupt Pat Roggensack and her friends cannot interfere with their political activism.

On behalf of the people of Wisconsin, I thank the good folks at the ACLU for standing up for and with us.

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