Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quote of the Day - Righty Blargher Edition!

By Jeff Simpson 

From Maciver's paid flunky Jimmy Wigderson:

"Why would you want the (Catholic) Church to change?" - Jimbo Wigderson 2/11/13 

Well Jim, let me count the ways....

5.  If you want to decrease abortions - support Birth control! 

4. Allow Priests to marry, you already allow some to, why not all?

3.  Allow women to become Priests, its so logical it needs no explanation!  

2.  Treat the LGBT community as the equals to heterosexuals, that they are

1.  STOP protecting pedophiles(and DO NOT make anyone Pope who was involved in the coverup)!!  

I guess if you are ok with the above five points, then there is no reason to change!  If you think that discrimination and pedophilia are wrong then you might want and hope for some real change this year!!

To the Vatican decision makers, call me, I would like to interview for your open position!   


  1. And then there is this delightful story from The Guardian concerning the enslavement and forced labor of Irish women in laundries operated at a profit by the Catholic Church:

    Ireland finally admits state collusion in Magdalene Laundry system

    "After more than seven decades of exploitation and a 10-year struggle for justice, Ireland on Tuesday admitted its role in the enslavement of thousands of women and girls in the notorious Magdalene Laundry system...Labelled the "Maggies", the women and girls were stripped of their names and dumped in Irish Catholic church-run laundries where nuns treated them as slaves, simply because they were unmarried mothers, orphans or regarded as somehow morally wayward.

    Over 74 years, 10,000 women were put to work in de facto detention, mostly in laundries run by nuns. At least 988 of the women who were buried in laundry grounds are thought to have spent most of their lives inside the institutions."

    Yes indeed, who would want to change the sacred traditions of the Catholic Church?

    1. This is also part of the Irish Laundry scandal.

      "Banished Babies:The Secret History of Ireland's Baby Export Business
      Since this story broke in 1996, the Irish media have been chasing down details of the "export" --primarily to the U.S.--of 2,000-plus infants and toddlers born to unmarried Irish mothers between the late '40s and the mid-'70s. Reporter Milotte did a TV documentary on the subject; his book incorporates new archival material released by the Irish government and the Catholic Church, as well as three involving case studies of efforts by adoptees or the mothers who reluctantly gave them up to get back together.

      At mid-century, both church and state in Ireland stressed shame, secrecy, and the religion of adoptive parents over all other considerations; only in the mid-'50s did Eire require confirmation that proposed parents could provide a healthy (as well as a Catholic) home for Irish kids, and several money-based schemes slipped through the Republic's lax rules. An enlightening international sidebar to studies of the consequences of open versus closed adoption."

      "American parents adopted the children of Magdalene women. “Between 1948 and 1971 more than 2,100 children were brought from Ireland to America for adoption,” Smith explains. “Many of the mothers likely would have been in Magdalene Laundries.”"

  2. Ouch, thanks G, i had not seen that story before!

  3. Our family was so Catholic that there was a Cardinal in our family history. Fast forward to today...not one Catholic remaining. We all left the Catholic Church because of pedophilia, the pedophilia coverup, the rotten treatment of women, the banning of birth control (94% of Catholic women have used it), discrimination against gays, money-laundering and corruption at the Vatican Bank, the slavery (actual SLAVERY) until 1996 of Irish women in Catholic laundries. Frankly, I don't think the Catholic Church can survive much longer. It was ruined by nasty bigoted, frightened men.

    1. Much like the Republicans are trying to do to our country. Interesting correlation wouldn't you say?

  4. I'm a Catholic- and find this deeply disturbing. Let us not forget - it is the hierarchy that has hidden these horrific crimes.

    1. It is the hierarchy that has COMMITTED these horrific crimes.