Saturday, February 9, 2013

Escape From Fitzwalkerstan!

Did you ever wonder how the unemployment percentage continued to drop even as we kept having more people losing their jobs?


Between the Republicans, led by Scott Walker, trying to ruin the state and Chris Abele trying to turn Milwaukee County into a plutocratic utopia, people have been simply packing up and leaving the state in droves.

Will the last one out please turn off the lights?


  1. Had a co-worker and a brother retire from state service due to Act 10, both sold their homes and moved out of state. This had me wondering about how large the negative fiscal impact of Walker's action might be due to retiree flight.

    The average number of public employee retirements is reported to be 10,500 per year, but there was 18,800 retirements in 2011. The Department of Employee Trust Funds reports that 10% of participant retirees leave the state.

    In 2011 then, approximately 830 extra retirees left the state. They leave with their state pension which averages $1700 per month, a total of $16,932,000 per year that is now being spent in another state.

    830 extra homes into the market, and a lifetime of personal investments/savings being spent elsewhere.

  2. that's just collateral damage to the repugs.

  3. Yes Children, keep on believing Republicans are trying to ruin this state. It distracts people and make other kids feel good.

    1. Yes, Troll, we'll just ignore all the evidence thrown in our face every single day so that the Republican make-believe world won't be shattered too much.

  4. No one in their right mind would want to live here anymore. And therein lies the problem.