Monday, February 18, 2013

More Of That "Liberal Media"

WISN-TV and Patch have announced that they are joining forces in their news reporting.  They are quite pleased with themselves in this announcement:

"Patch teaming up with WISN 12 is a win-win for both news organizations — and for our respective readers and viewers," said Mark Maley, Patch's regional editor in Milwaukee. "By combining what each of us does best, both audiences should see more coverage of suburban Milwaukee than ever before." 
“We always strive to bring our viewers important local coverage. Our partnership with the Patch will put more journalists in more communities to bring distinctive and relevant stories that impact the lives of our viewers," said Ed Reams, assistant news director at WISN 12. "This partnership will strengthen our coverage on air, and help us report on multiple angles to stories that viewers will be able to get online and on their mobile phones."
I would point out that at least they did not claim that it would be "fair and balanced" news coverage.

I point this out because once again, the fallacy of the media being liberal, or even impartial, is once again dispelled.

One of the Patch editors, Denise Konkol of Muskego, isn't exactly a flaming liberal when she posts stuff like this on her Facebook page:

I would point out that the first post appears to be deleted now, but my tipster was able to catch it before it went poof.

Now, being anti-choice is one thing.  Going gaga over an irresponsible statement - funded by taxpayer dollars is a bit worse.  You know Clarke's announcement goes beyond the pale when even James Wigderson felt compelled to call him out on it.

But these two are mild when compared to the third capture we made.  That one is so bad that for the first time in all my years of blogging, I'm going to put it below a long gap so it won't upset people with delicate demeanors.  Before you go there, it involves Hillary Clinton and the worst word a person can call a woman.  Consider yourself warned before you go there...

Don't forget, I warned you:


  1. Is there any local TV news that leans progressive? It seemed WISN wasn't as conservative as FOX 6, but now????

  2. Why does this behavior surprise you ? The woman lists her "likes" as Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Scott Walker and the Republican party. I would think it's a given she's not liberal.

  3. I am surprised she doesn't have the Freedom Works Hillary/Panda clip linked to her site.