Saturday, February 9, 2013

Solidarity Fish Fry, Week 18: Finding Cupid Among The Cod

Another Friday has come and gone and so has another Solidarity Fish Fry.

This week, as were the others, were filled with solidarity, companionship, story telling, reminiscing with old friends and meeting new ones.

The new friends were some of the good folks at Wisconsin Jobs Now:

And yes, that is the famous Kelley Albrecht - the person that Robin Vos fears most, next to his wife's divorce attorney and his lover's husband - second from the right.

To me, the most remarkable part of the evening was when I learned the story of two of our dinner companions, John Kaye and Annie Wacker.  I introduced the gentle eater to these two fabulous people way back on Week 6 of the Solidarity Fish Fry:

It turns out that evening was actually their first date.  Twelve weeks later, they're still together and still happy as two kids can be.

Ah, the power of solidarity!

I wonder what wonders next week, Week 19, will bring, besides bigger crowds for Lent.

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