Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Walker Commits Treason!

Scott Walker issued a response* to President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address (emphasis mine):
"It's disappointing that tonight's State of the Union Address glossed over the serious fiscal problems facing our nation and failed to deliver an honest plan for real reform in America.

"In Wisconsin, we faced our challenges head on and implemented reforms that eliminated a $3.6 billion deficit and created a healthy surplus without raising taxes. We're developing our workforce, creating jobs and lowering our unemployment rate. Real reform is happening on the state level; but in order to move our country forward, President Obama can no longer ignore the overwhelming economic troubles looming over our nation. Enacting Wisconsin-like reforms will move our economy forward and put American families first."
Walker is advocating for the destruction of the United States, just as his actions have sent Wisconsin into a death spiral.

Wishing your country ill is treason, by all definitions. Someone needs to arrest that man.**

*Again, unless it's the words "Guilty, Your Honor," does anyone really care what Walker has to say anymore?

**I use that term loosely.


  1. walker is part of the treasonous walker/bush clan -- google it -- they have been part of the most disturbing events in U.S. history. This is the first-family of treason.

    Of course, walker is from the poor side of the family and the blood lines to george herbert walker, a frontman for "old school" money in the early 20th century, do not really matter.

    What does is that the same multinational corproate interests are behind him.

    Because of a compliant media, walker will be given a platform to promote economic terrorism across America.

    None of the walker/bush treasonous bastards have ever been held accountable -- not likely scott will either. The 24/7 pro-walker propaganda, despite his total failure to promote Wisconsin's economy, says it all.

  2. Walkers so-called "Wisconsin-like reforms" are actually dictated by a Republican plan to hobble state governments nation-wide by attacking environmental protections, destroying public education, attacking workers' rights and selling public assets to cronies. It's called the "Red State Plan" and is being rolled out at the behest of Plutocrats, not only in the South, but in lucky states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana which will also receive a vigorous screwing.

    Walker is merely one functionary in a gang of whores carrying out this nationwide campaign of economic sabotage.