Sunday, February 24, 2013

Julia Taylor: Shut Up And Give Us Your Money

In Sunday's edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (motto: All the corporate propaganda fit to print) is an editorial by Julia Taylor of the Greater Milwaukee Committee in which she argues that the best way to create jobs is more corporate welfare.

But this time, so the argument goes, is just give the money to start up companies that are on the "cutting edge."  Sort of like the companies that they claim will want to come to the decimated county grounds, which is being "developed" by fellow GMC members.

To remind the gentle reader who Taylor is, she is also one of the people pushing the hardest to remove representative government from Milwaukee County and put all the power in the hands of fellow GMC member Chris Abele.

In other words, Julia Taylor is telling the taxpayers, especially those in Milwaukee, to shut up and hand over their money, because, y'know, they know so much more than the average citizen.

Is it any wonder that Taylor was an outspoken supporter of Tim Russell?

Yes, that Tim Russell.

The arrogance and elitism is simply breathtaking.


  1. So taxpayers are supposed to fund start-up companies that are too risky for investment by private capital ... because the market always knows best, except in this case?

    I assume that GMC is an acronym for "Greedy Milwaukee Cronies".

    1. Well, in Galtland, any corporate risk that can be fobbed off on society is a burden too great to bear.

      When it comes to picking up the profits, it is a different thing.

      Soeee, Soeee, Pig, Pig, Pig.

  2. capper, great job.

    Gareth, thanks. I've been search for an appropriate nick-name for the GMC.

  3. GMC?


    The rich boys want the Bucks to stay ...

    1. ...and have taxpayers fund a new stadium