Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Dumb Senator - Not Just Misogynistic, But Racist Too!

On Wednesday, we learned just how dumb our dumb senator, Ron Johnson, can be when he voted against the Violence Against Women Act. He doubled down on the dumb with his inane rhetoric at a Lincoln's Day dinner.

Or should I say, we thought we learned how dumb our dumb senator could be.

As he tried to dig himself out of the hole for voting against VAWA, he managed to reach greater depths of dumbness:
Some Republicans have objected to new provisions in the law, including one allowing tribal courts for the first time to prosecute men who aren't American Indians when they're accused of abusing an American Indian woman on a reservation.

Johnson argued Wednesday that provision was an unconstitutional expansion of tribal authority.
So what he's saying is that it's unconstitutional for members of a sovereign nation to expect justice when one of their citizens is abused by a white man. Really?

But he wasn't done yet! Read on (emphasis mine):
“As a result, the Senate has approved a piece of legislation that sounds nice, but which is fatally flawed. By including an unconstitutional expansion of tribal authority and introducing a bill before the Congressional Budget Office could review it to estimate its cost, Senate Democrats made it impossible for me to support a bill covering an issue I would like to address. Most analysts believe it would add more than $2 billion to the deficit.
Wait! What?!

Allowing sovereign nations to protect their tribal members from being assaulted and providing justice to tribal women who are assaulted would cost two billion dollars? Who knew that there were that many white guys attacking Native American women on reservations?

And note that RoJo's source is "most analysts."

Those must be the same "anonymous sources" that Christian Schneider cites so that the local paper can do a whole news story on his blog.

But even these statements from RoJo don't show just how dumb he is.

The fact that he doesn't know when to keep his fat mouth shut and stop when he's behind shows how dumb he really is.

He's a firm believer in not just letting people think he's an idiot, but proving it every chance he gets.


  1. The best part of all? He's creating the anti-Johnson ads that his opponent will be able to run. I say get him in front of more cameras and let his own stupidity sink his chances at a second term.

  2. When throwing around charges of racism.... you know some Americans subjected to tribal laws are not "white men" right? Lets be careful out there.

  3. Rojo has always been soft on rapists, first it was pedophile Priests, now it is white men raping Indian women. He is a disgusting human being, but he is consistent.

  4. i'm pretty sure being consistently disgusting is not a virtue. some inconsistency would surely be an improvement.