Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Supervisor Mayo Corrects Some Of Abele's Lies

From the old inbox:
Milwaukee County Supervisor Michael Mayo, Sr. challenged several items in the State of the County speech delivered by the county executive on Monday, February 11, 2013 at the Oak Creek Police Department.

“I’m not interested in throwing the County Executive under the bus, despite the fact that he continuously throws the Board under the bus,” explained Supervisor Mayo. “Instead, I’m interested in transparency and honesty when it comes to doing the work of the people.”

Supervisor Mayo went on to identify and to correct the following pieces of misinformation:

MYTH 1: “The voters asked for a change in 2012.”
FACT: More than 80 percent of Milwaukee County residents did NOT vote on pay or size of the Board. The question about the board appeared in only 12 of Milwaukee County’s 19 municipalities.

MYTH 2: “For decades, experts and advocates have called for moving away from outdated, institutional care and into a more community-based mental health system.”
FACT: The Milwaukee County Board has been the guardian of Milwaukee County’s most vulnerable when private hospitals have turned them away. Additionally, to help transition patients into integrated, community settings, the Board has created hundreds of supportive housing units via public-private partnerships throughout Milwaukee County. In fact, the Board and county executive have agreed on a $3 million investment in community-based services.

MYTH 3: “Another big effort we are moving forward on this year is taking a close look at how Milwaukee County uses the buildings and resources we have.”
FACT: Neither the Committee on Transportation, Public Works & Transit nor the Board has been given the Facilities plan by the County Executive. Last year, the plan was delayed in the Department of Administrative Services until it was too late for budget implementation in 2013.

MYTH 4: “The [City/County Parks Patrol] plan … had the backing of all the mayors, village administrators and police chiefs in Milwaukee County.”
FACT: Not all the mayors, village administrators and police chiefs weighed-in on this matter. Their silence should not be interpreted as support.

MYTH 5: “Unfortunately, this system is facing a fiscal cliff of its own as a result of the transit cuts from the state.”
FACT: The best way to remove transit from property taxes is with a dedicated sales tax. In two, recent media interviews about 24 hours apart, the County Executive both expressed support for a sales tax that would fund a new arena for the Bucks and condemned a sales tax that would fund transit as “regressive.”

“Again, what’s most important is doing the people’s work with transparency and honesty,” said Supervisor Mayo. “This county executive has demonstrated time and time again – from the Parks Patrol plan to the Facilities plan – that he disregards the necessary checks and balances role of the legislative branch of government in Milwaukee County.”
And yes, I'll be having more later, especially regarding Abele's nonsense about the mental health system.

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