Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Supreme Court Craziness

By Jeff Simpson

Our friends at came out with story today about Justice Bradley's notice of recusal with David "Ike Turner" Prosser.  In her recusal decision, she let the truth all spill out! 

Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley today accused colleague David Prosser of a "history of abusive behavior" so severe that she and the chief justice lock themselves in their offices while working after hours out of fear for their safety.

Prosser said he had not read the filing and declined comment.

Bradley wrote she had not commented on what happened in the June 2011 incident out of respect for the process.

But she said some of her colleagues have commented in "national, state, and local press spinning the facts."

In particular, she took aim at Justice Pat Roggensack, who is up for re-election this spring. Bradley noted Roggensack's comments that the justices "are doing just fine" and are working well together, saying it "strains credulity that a justice on our court would be perpetuating the myth that our issues of workplace safety and work environment have somehow healed themselves."

Bradley's decision to recuse herself is unlikely to have a significant impact on the stalled discipline case filed against Prosser. Prosser has sought the recusal of all his colleagues on teh court and so far only Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson and Justice Pat Crooks have agreed to sit on the case. That is short of the quorum needed for the court to issue a decision.

Patty Roggensack has not had a very good week, besides being mentioned repeatedly in this decision, also got stuck at a dinner that Senator Ron Johnson  went on a practically incoherent rant about democrats worthy of a slightly stoned 15 year old.   United Wisconsin has now called on far right extremist Judge Roggensack to denounce Johnson's crazy old man rant, and there has been nothing but silence.   Does she too think that only republicans are the "true Americans"? Is that why she blindly votes one sided and did not see her coworker choking another coworker right in front of her?  Or could it just be the crazy Club for Growth" and out of state money that sways her already far right judicial activism?

However they are throwing bad money after a blind justice as Roggensack, stuck her bought and paid for foot in her mouth, by pretending there were no problems behind the scenes of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.    Apparently choking a coworker is standard practice with our friends from the right!  If she can not see a co-worker choke another co-worker, how is she qualified to see the intricacies of the law? 

LUCKILY, Wisconsinites have a choice!!    Ed Fallone for Justice

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  1. "If she cannot see another co-worker choke..."

    That's, "blind justice," Jeff. Doncha know?