Sunday, February 24, 2013

Race-Baiting Bob Donovan Strikes Again

The case of Derek Williams, a young man who died while in police custody, had been bungled from the time of his arrest and through subsequent actions.  They used what might be described as excessive force - a knee in the back - which triggered a sickle cell crisis and ultimately, his death.

The police ignored Williams' pleas for help for nearly ten minutes until he collapsed.  It was only then that they rendered aid and called for help.

The medical examiner's office dropped the ball and misdiagnosed the cause of death.

It was only a year later that new information finally surfaced that caused officials to scramble and reopen the case.  This led to changes in the way the medical examiner's office operates.  It is also causing a hard look at the city's Police and Fire Commission and how it works to see what changes, if any, should be made.

It has also spawned an inquest into the death to see if there was a crime committed by the police officers.  The inquest jury came back with the recommendation that three officers be charged with failure to render aid by a law enforcement officer.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan didn't hesitate a minute to come out in support of the police officers.  His defense is based on hearsay and consists mostly that the officers didn't intend to harm Williams.

One of the two things that Donovan misses in his rant is that the officers waited nearly ten minutes to render aid while Williams was in obvious distress.  Secondly, Donovan misses the fact that while they might not have intentionally meant to harm Williams, they intentionally withheld aid, which was the verdict of the jury that actually listened to the testimony and saw the evidence.

Wonder Woman caught on to Donovan's misleading statements as well.

The worst part is when Donovan went running to WTMJ-AM, no stranger to race baiting themselves, and had a conversation with afternoon squawker John Mercure.  In said conversation, Donovan is all but daring the African American community to protest if they do not agree with the final results of the case.  After all, in Donovan's world, white is right and to say otherwise just proves his case, in his demented little mind.

It's not the first time Donovan has pushed the racism button either.  A year and a half ago, he came out with his "Plan for Milwaukee" which basically consisted of locking up all the poor and minority children.  A few weeks later, he issued a statement blaming the entire African American community for an isolated incident outside of State Fair Park.

Donovan isn't just an embarrassment to Milwaukee or to whites.  He's an embarrassment to all of humanity.


  1. Ald. Donovan's a charter member of the "everybody-gets-a-trophy" crowd. Not holding these officers accountable punishes the vast majority of MPD who are able to transport their prisoners back to the precinct, alive.

  2. Didn't Donovan go to Madison with the MPA to discuss residency with Walker?

    I'd like to hear him on record about this.

  3. He is simply insulting. If he wants a war he is sure to get it. He seems to forget decades of police brutality to one community...Blacks!!
    This is not just about Derek Williams but Ernest Lacy, the pending strip searches, what we in the inner city see every day...DWB: Driving While Black and all the occurances that living in Milwaukee's utopia is displayed. A sensitive topic should be handled like his bathroom endeavors!! With some discretion and respect as to all the underlying factors at play and not his allegiance to the MPD union which is well documented.
    Thank you for keeping it real Brother Capper,

  4. Interesting. I just saw somebody call Donovan a "child molester" in a comment to me - and it was proclaimed as if it were common knowledge. [???]

  5. Donovan is an asshat! The reason our community is so divided is because of jerk-offs like this. I'm sick of being in such a hate-filled place. As people like Donovan like to blame the Black community for anything that goes wrong, why aren't those in the white community demanding better actions by their officers? Granted there are some, there is not enough.