Friday, February 22, 2013

Solidarity Fish Fry, Week 20: One Is Not Enough

As advertised, this was the twentieth week of the Solidarity Fish Fry.

I was a bit concerned about the turnout, given the snow and the many other things going on.

I should learn by now not to doubt my brothers and sisters, who still showed up in droves.

I arrived later than normal, which is already late, but still learned that there were many people that had come to show their solidarity and support for the union workers at Serb Hall.

Although I arrived too late to see him, I was told Randy Bryce was there.  I knew that already when I saw the snow shovel that he accidentally left behind.  It was obviously his because it still had some of the tartar sauce he was scooping with it.

I also got to see Michael Glabere and his wife, Trudy Holyst.

And all the way from Waterford was Rick and Linda Rumpel.

Even though both couples generously offered to share their tables with me, I begged off.  I had a long week and needed some time alone time to decompress.

I also ended up doing some people watching.

I saw Sandra running her tail off.  She told me that all of her tables were full nonstop since she started, while there were a lot of the non-union waitresses that seemed to have time to kill.

I also noticed that one of the non-union waitresses seemed to be addressing every table with an apology for making them wait so long.  I noticed that the managers were running back and forth, trying to address the complaints from many of the patrons sitting at the non-unions tables.  I also noticed that the only time that Sandra, the only union waitress on this evening, had any issues was when one of the non-union servers fouled up their computers and were putting their orders under her name.

The only obvious conclusion is that there were nearly not enough union waitresses.  One is just not enough.

Don't believe me? Come to Serb Hall next week as we celebrate the Solidarity Fish Fry, Week 21, and see for yourself.

Just be warned though.  I've heard that Randy is planning on a floor show.  Something about a song and dance called "Opa - Tartar Style." I shudder at the thought.

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  1. As a non union server I take offense to your biased comments. None of us non union servers had any "time to kill" we all had full sections from open to close.
    Sandra,the only union waitress caused her issue by not closing a computer station after placing an order, a rookie error, thereby causing other tickets ending up under her name, the root of the backup that evening.

    And just to clarify to those that follow this most of the customers on Friday do not care if their server is union or not, they just want the great fish Serb Hall serves, PLAIN & SIMPLE.